What do we offer?


Marketing Consulting

« Understanding and answering your questions »

Listening, analyzing, recommending

Thanks to our listening and understanding abilities, we are able to offer you the most relevant studies to meet your need. Before any mission, our consultants spend adequate time to understand your specific problem and the strategic framework in which it is set.
Because a figure from our studies is not an end in itself, our consultant brings you a clear answer, his vision, his experience, his anticipations so that you can make your decision.

Marketing studies

« Should we go or not ? »

It is this essential question that we aim to answer to, whether it concerns a new market, a new country or a new site. We measure the commercial potential of a specific market by collecting and analyzing statistical data on consumer behavior and geomarketing data. The resulting SAD Marketing recommendations allow you to make your strategic decisions, in a rational way, with full knowledge of the facts.

Qualitative studies

« Understanding and anticipating consumer behavior »

Listening, analyzing, recommending

These studies allow you to understand why and how your consumers care about your brand or product. Having understood the way they consume and their reasons to, you can develop a more sophisticated approach, fully in line with your target. To this end, we use different methodologies, specific to your problem: focus group, individual interviews, online qualitative forum, facebook group, etc.

Quantitative studies

« Making Numbers Meaningful »

This type of study makes it possible to describe and analyze the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of your consumers by quantifying them. With more than 390,000 people surveyed every year, SAD Marketing is among the leading experts in France and abroad, particularly in the retail sector. SAD Marketing adapts to your needs, whether online, on your mobile phone or in a point of sale.

Price survey

« Your position against the competition »

To be able to set prices, it is essential to understand your competitive universe. SAD Marketing helps you with your online and in-store pricing, the analysis of information and the definition of your pricing strategy. These studies allow you to redefine your offer, increase your profit margin by adjusting your prices, gain competitiveness and refine your business policy.

Geomarketing – SAD Interactive

SAD Marketing has developed an online geomarketing solution: SAD Interactive. The solution was developed with our customers to meet two objectives: simplicity and operationality, with the aim of saving time and improving the ROI of the decision you make. SAD Interactive allows you to view, analyze and manage your network, edit local market studies at will and calculate a forecast turnover.

Marketing watch

« Your position against the competition »

The Internet has become a privileged place of exchange for consumers. They express themselves on their purchasing experiences, sharing positive or negative opinions on your products or services.
Blogs, forums, social networks … SAD marketing decrypts your image with consumers and your positioning against the competition.
An analysis which is both qualitative, through a collection of verbatim records, but also quantitative through the measuring and prioritizing of your strengths and weaknesses.
Beyond your image, the ability to analyze, through exchanges, how consumers work in your sector and detect consumer insights.

CDAC: Departmental Commission for Commercial Development

Do you want to create, expand or transfer a point of sale? Do your commercial equipment projects require authorization from the CDAC? We accompany you in the realization of this document thanks to our experts. We remain informed about the latest regulations and legislation. Whether you are a freelancer, a franchisee, an expansion manager or a developer, we will provide you with the keys to the success of your project.

DIP – Local market study

The DIP, also called Document d’Information Précontractuelle (French Franchise Disclosure Document), is a useful market research report for franchise developers. It provides essential information for the future franchisee. SAD Marketing accompanies you in the realization of your local market studies with both speed and professionalism.

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