SAD PricingSAD Pricing

The first omni-channel
pricing platform for retail:
from data collection
to decision making

Collect information

We offer all methods of data collection:

1. Through surveyors

Surveys are made at the point of sale or on the web (for complex surveys) by surveyors.

2. Through Web scraping

We collect prices on e-commerce websites on a daily basis.

3. Through your collaborators

We make available to our customers a mobile application allowing them to make their own price statements.

4. Through customer data

Possible integration of data provided by customers.

Our innovative solutions SAD pricing

Be alerted about the actions to carry out

Our alert system informs you of actions to take! Stores of your brand sharing the same competitor are informed in real time if one realizes price reductions.

Master your price positioning

Thanks to our intelligent product chaining system, you can know your real price positioning vs. your competitors’, the level of inflation of the products of the market, etc.

Prepare your negotiations and control your margins

Analyzes are proposed by manufacturer, by competitor, by product, etc. All the elements made available have one purpose: to help you make the right decisions. Beyond the detailed analyzes of the markets, the actors and the prices, we bring you our expertise on price strategy and the daily piloting of your prices.

SAD Pricing: a simple, operational platform built for our clients and with our clients. From data collection to decision making, SAD Marketing accompanies you throughout the chain. Available in France and abroad.