Consumer studies:
Understanding consumer behavior

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The way we listen to consumers keeps changing: this is why we are constantly adapting our techniques for collecting and processing data. Qualitative studies or quantitative studies: we use the best methodologies to answer your questions.

« Understanding and anticipating consumer behavior » with qualitative studies

Qualitative studies help to understand why and how your consumers are attached to your brand, or product. Understanding the way they consume and their reasons enables you to develop a more advanced strategy that is totally in line with your target. Depending on your problematic, we use different methodologies: focus group, individual interviews, online qualitative forum, facebook group, etc.

« Making numbers meaningful » with quantitative studies

Quantitative studies have a variety of objectives since they involve describing and analyzing the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of your clients or non-clients to identify weaknesses and decide on improvements.
The best method of data collection is proposed to you according to your questions: online, mobile app or in a point of sale.
Writing a simple and comprehensible questionnaire is complicated!
That is why, with nearly 400,000 consumers surveyed each year, SAD Marketing is among the leading experts in France and abroad.


Internet has become a privileged place of exchange for consumers. They express themselves on their buying experiences, give either positive or negative opinions about your products or services. Blogs, forums, social networks, etc … SAD marketing decrypts your image with consumers and your positioning against the competition.
An analysis both qualitative, by a collection of verbatim, but also quantitative by the measurement and the hierarchy of your strengths and weaknesses.
Beyond your image, the ability to analyze through the exchanges, the way your consumers work in your world of consumption and detect consumer insights.

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“The consumer is king. And even more, he is a judge.”