Building pricing strategy and
improve your price image

In order to set prices, it is essential to master your competitive universe. SAD Marketing accompanies you with your in-store and online price surveys, the analysis of information and the definition of your pricing strategy. With these studies, you can redefine your offer, increase margin by adjusting your prices, gain competitiveness and refine your commercial policy.

Nos expertises relevé de prix

SAD Marketing specializes in complex price statements:

  • Textile,
  • Restaurant industry,
  • Housing…

And less complex:

  • Food distribution…

To do so, we work on both physical and web collection methods.

If you wish, you can also make the SAD Pricing application available to your teams: in complete autonomy, you can conduct price surveys at your competitors’ and integrate them into a web platform.

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“The price to pay is first and foremost a price to be fixed.”