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Succeed in your implementations

Making good openings is becoming more complex, with significant financial stakes. Expansion teams using SAD Interactive claims they are working better and faster thanks to the reliable and relevant indicators available, but also thanks to the turnover forecasts produced.

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SAD Interactive

Analyze your environment

The knowledge of its socio-demographic, competitive, commercial environment… is essential in the setting up of your offer and local communication actions. With SAD Interactive, marketing and store teams can adapt to the catchment area.

Identify your turnover issues and pilot the ROI of your actions

The integration of your loyalty card data, daily check-out surveys, allows you to visualize your performance locally and nationally. Our solution helps teams identify areas of high stakes and measure the effectiveness of actions taken.

Collect the data

You do not have a loyalty card or check-out surveys, we provide you with a data collection solution directly connected to SAD INTERACTIVE.

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SAD Interactive: a simple, operational platform built for our clients and with our clients. The best of technology and the best prediction algorithms are integrated into our platform. Available in France and abroad.